About Us

NID, a startup project, was founded by a group of students specializing in Digital Economy and Financial Technology from the Faculty of Digital Economy at the National University of Management. The emergence of groundbreaking technologies, particularly blockchain, introduced new forms of currency like Bitcoin and ownership through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). In this digital era, having a digital identity has become crucial for individuals to actively participate in the digital world. Inspired and guided by advisors, the team conceptualized and developed NID, which stands for NFT-based Identity. The primary objective of NID is to provide a unique digital ID that enables seamless and secure transactions across various online channels and public services provided. In 2022, the NID project was publicly announced with a groundbreaking vision to revolutionize the way people carry identification, ranging from government-issued IDs to bank account numbers. The project recognized the potential of blockchain technology in providing a secure and immutable proof of record for digital identities. The NID project aimed to introduce IDs management systems by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and embracing the novel concept of NFTs. By doing so, the project sought to redefine the way people carry their identities, opening up new horizons for decentralized finance and digital ownership.