Privacy and Policy

Privacy Policy:

Welcome to NID Digital Identity application. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our users and ensuring the secure management of personal information. This Privacy Policy outlines the principles governing the collection, use, and protection of user data within the NID application.

Information Collected:

NID allows users to create a digital ID, serving as a centralized repository for essential information. When using our application, we may collect personal information such as your name, email address, and other relevant details voluntarily provided during the creation and customization of your digital ID.

Secure Storage and Customization:

The NID application ensures the secure storage of your account IDs within a digitized ID software. You have the ability to customize your digital ID based on your preferences, empowering you to manage and control your identity information securely.

Elimination of Traditional ID Concerns:

By using NID, users no longer need to worry about the security, loss, or forgetfulness associated with traditional physical IDs. Our platform is designed to enhance security and streamline the identification process, providing a convenient and efficient solution for managing your identity information.

Single Platform Convenience:

NID consolidates all necessary IDs into one digital hub, eliminating the inconvenience of managing multiple IDs for different purposes. This not only simplifies the identification process but also enhances overall user experience.

Policy Updates:

This Privacy Policy may be subject to periodic updates as we strive to improve and adapt to changing needs. We encourage users to review this policy regularly to stay informed about how their personal information is being managed.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, concerns, or require assistance related to your privacy and the use of the NID application, please contact us at

By using the NID application, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Your trust is paramount, and we are dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly environment for managing your digital identity.