Research Paper

Our team has undertaken extensive research endeavors to scrutinize environmental challenges, including investigations into public engagement in environmental activities and the development of rewarding mechanisms. The following papers encapsulate the findings and insights derived from these studies.

NFT-Based Identity Can Improve Identity Fraud Protection in Cambodia Banking Industry

By: Hong Phannarath

Addressing the challenges of having multiple bank accounts through NFT-Based ID

By: Thong Sethamonin

NID as an Alternative Solution to Enhance the Loyalty Program Redemption Process in Cambodia

By: Tep Chanenglyna

Unlocking Startup Financing Opportunities in Cambodia: Overcoming Challenges, Exploring Investment Insights, and Harnessing NFTs and Blockchain Technology

By: Rith Somaly

The integration of Single Digital Identity through NID in Cambodia

By: Ratana Daneth

Using Decentralized Application (DaPP) and API to solve security and interoperability problems of digital identity

By: Ngy Samleng

Examining Benefits of a Unique Digital Identity to Address Challenges of Having Multiple Identification Cards and Numbers Case Study: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

By: Khut Langedy